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  • MESOGOLD micro-needles are thinner than hair (<130 µm or 0.133 mm)
  • No pain and convenient
  • None allergic due to its platinum 24K gold plated needles
  • Excellent effectiveness of prompt absorption with rich-nutrient ingredients

Most innovative technology in our comprehensive personalized medicine technology platform.
MesoGold Gold Stamp is built to microneedle a customized solution directly into the skin.

MicroNeedle Infusion Therapy

MESOGOLD micro-needles which are thinner than human hair (0.13mm).

24K Gold Plated Needles

Hypoallergenic due to its platinum 24K gold plated needles

Spiral Grove System

Spiral Groove System for Direct Serum Infusion

Easy, Safe, Effective & Painless

MESOGOLD micro-infusion for Face, Neck, décolleté, body and hands