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Jalupro HMW, Dermal Biorevitalizer, Collagen Booster by Medway
Jalupro HMW, Dermal Biorevitalizer, Collagen Booster by Medway

Jalupro HMW

Dermal Biorevitalizer

It has been studied to provide a biorevitalizing action in areas where the skin is very marked (furrows, depressions and deep wrinkles, in particularly, those of the neck and décolleté).

How it is supplied ?

1 monodose glass/disposable, pyrogen-free syringe pre-filled with sterile gel containing 20 mg of sodium hyaluronate (A) in 1,5 ml, plus a vial of a sterile solution based on amino acids (Glycine, L-proline, L-lysine, L-leucine HCl) (B) diluted in 1 ml. The needle is not provided.

Indications for Use

The product should be reconstituted: After applying a needle on a syringe, inject the gel into
the small bottle of amino acids, and then shake until obtaining an uniform solution. The amount of product to be injected depends on various factors (depth of the furrows, entities of depressions, etc.), and at the physician’s discretion.


The solution can be injected in reticular or papillar dermis with every tecnique.
It is suggested to use 30 g needle.

  • Photo-aging and Anti-aging of a face and a body (moderate and severe degree)
  • Dry and dehydrated skin
  • Procedures during summer time
  • The beginning of the course of revitalization (possible to combine with Jalupro)
  • Preparation, improvement and prolongation of results for different aesthetic – procedures
  • Face
  • Neck
  • Decollete
  • Underarms
  • Hands
  • Inner thighs
  • Abdomen
  • Knee region

Micropapules, Linear, Fan shape, Grid shaped, mixed. A local anaesthetic can be associated – 0,5-1 ml of 2% procaine – in order to reduce the burning sensation which follows the injection. The needle has to be inserted along the wrinkle and then gradually retracted, by releasing the product. After injection, if necessary, proceed with a light massage in order to model the treated zone. For the correction of thin wrinkles, the more recommended site of injection is typically reticular dermis.

The cells of the subcutaneous connective tissue in our skin are called fibroblasts. Fibroblasts act by forming collagen and repairing fragile and worn out skin, ensuring skin tone and elasticity.Fibroblasts activity reduces over time because of aging or other reasons (eating habits, diets, smoking, intense physical activity, long exposure to the sun). Therefore, skin gets old, loses tone, elasticity, brightness, volume, and subsequently wrinkles and furrows appear. Fibroblasts produce collagen by using a nutritional support: Amino Acids (Glicine, L-Proline, L-Lysine) which are essential to compensate the reduced fibroblasts activity. More is high the Amino Acids quantity available in the interested areas, more cells vitality and their number increase. Therefore, skin appearance gets better greatly.

Jalupro’s use means to reduce skin wrinkleness significantly. Especially the product has shown to have an excellent biorevitalizing efficacy and to improve the main skin aging and photoaging signs. This efficacy grows over time and lasts 6 months. Jalupro’s tolerance was very good in all treated subjects and the treatment is ideal before sunbathing too.

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